Parx Plastics successfully lists on Euronext Access™


Rotterdam (The Netherlands) May 4, 2018 – Parx Plastics N.V. (ISIN code: NL0012650535; Ticker: MLPRX) a cleantech/biochemistry plastic developer, today announces the successful completion of its direct listing on Euronext Access™ Paris.

Parx Plastics developed and patented an innovative technology to make plastics antimicrobial by making use of an essential nutrient. The integration of a body’s own trace element in plastics, results in a defence mechanism against bacteria reducing the number of bacteria on the surface by 99% and higher.


A growing market
The antimicrobial plastic market size, in terms of value, is projected to reach EURO 13.75 billion by 2020, at a CAGR of 8.7%, between 2015 and 2020. Healthcare is accounting for more than one-third share of the market and is the key application of antimicrobial plastic, followed by packaging and consumer goods.

The technology
The technology is derived from biomimicry with the aim to develop a safe and biocompatible antimicrobial solution. By integrating an essential nutrient in existing raw materials a defence mechanism is created protecting the material against bacteria, moulds, fungi and biofilm. The technology results in an antimicrobial effect of 99% and higher when tested according to international norm ISO22196 for the measurement of antibacterial activity on plastics.

The technology distinguishes itself from other solutions in the market by two unique characteristics. This new method does not rely on the use of toxic substances such as triclosan, heavy metals (e.g. silver), quaternary ammonium salts or Nano-materials. And the technology does not depend on migration (leaching), as the antimicrobial technology is an inert part of the material, only improving the materials mechanical properties making it more resistant to microbes.

The biocompatibility and the fact that the technology does not rely on leaching make it a unique solution that can be safely used for food contact application (e.g. food packaging) and for medical applications (e.g. implants).

Product development and marketing
Parx Plastics is improving the mechanical characteristics of existing plastics without compromising other material properties. Colour, clarity, transparency, strength, UV-resistance and ageing characteristics all remain the same. Currently, Parx Plastics has a portfolio of solutions suitable for ABS, HDPE, LDPE, PE, PP, PVC, PS, and EPS and is constantly working to increase this portfolio.

Parx Plastics produces and supplies manufacturers with Saniconcentrate™, which is incorporated by simply mixing it with the raw material prior to manufacturing of the final product.

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Parx Plastics’ listing on Euronext Access™
Parx Plastics shares are being listed on Euronext Access™ Paris stock exchange through a private placement procedure. The issued share capital of Parx Plastics currently comprises of 6,810,582 shares. Based on a price per share of € 3.57 at the time of listing, the company’s market capitalization is € 24.3 million.



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