Independent certifications in China for food contact materials

Parx Plastics takes first solid steps into the China market targeting food contact applications such as food packaging film and containers. The first materials produced with the integration of the Parx Plastics proprietary technology have been produced and tested by different independent laboratories in China. 

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Antimicrobial performance verified by SGS

The SGS laboratory in Shanghai has performed several ISO22196 antimicrobial tests on samples produced with the addition of the proprietary technology of Parx Plastics. Samples had been produced via different blow moulding process and proof an excellent antimicrobial performance reaching as high as Log5 and Log6 reduction.  


Food-contact compliance, Migration and antimicrobial performance verified

Guangdong Detection Center of Microbiology has been designated as a recommended testing institution for the detection of anti-microbial properties of anti-microbial products and knitwear by the China Industry Association for Anti-Microbial Materials and Products, China Knitting Industry Association and China-Japan MRA. The Guangdong Detection Center for Microbiology has performed ISO22196 and Migration tests on samples produced in China with the addition of the Parx Plastics technology. The migration tests show a perfect compliance with the food-contact standards for Chinese and for international markets. Plus the ISO22196 antimicrobial tests proof a very high antimicrobial efficacy of the products.  

Jony Cao

Jony Cao

Parx Plastics in China

"These excellent results on antimicrobial performance and the food-contact compliance verified by two independent Chinese laboratories really mean an excellent step forward moving the Parx technology into the Chinese market," says Jony Cao from the Parx Plastics team in China. "We see a high interest in the technology and we are moving forward with the interested parties right now."     

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