Parx’ antimicrobial technology withstands 1,000 dishwasher cycles


Over 1,000 cycles in the dishwasher over a period of 4 years has not compromised the antimicrobial property of Parx Plastics’ technology.

Parx Plastics NV (Euronext: MLPRX) presents results of a 4 year durability test of its antimicrobial technology. Underlining the intrinsic property and its uncompromised lasting durability of the technology.

One of the first experiments with the Parx Plastics patented antimicrobial technology was the production of cutting boards. Basic small cutting boards produced out of polyethylene without any color additive but with the Parx technology inside. These boards were not launched commercially but intended for home-use by the team members of Parx Plastics and its close relations. 

The production of these cutting boards, containing 3% of the companies Saniconcentrate, was done in March 2015 and these boards have been in use since then. They are used daily in households for normal food preparation, including the cutting of bread, fruit, vegetables, meats, chicken and citrus fruits. Often, they have been used alongside other cutting boards without technology. 

The cleaning of the boards tested in this durability test was always done by placing the boards in the dishwasher together with all other household dishes with normal dishwasher tablets. No special cleaning process was applied. Since 2015 these boards have endured over 1,000 dishwasher cycles. 

Testing these boards according to the ISO22196 protocol to verify antibacterial activity of plastics and other non-porous surfaces, proves an unchanged antimicrobial property and shows the same performance as boards that have just been produced and had no dishwasher cycle at all. A reduction of E.coli (a Gram-negative strain) is recorded at a level of Log 2.3 / 99.5% and a reduction of more than Log 5.1 / >99,999% was found for Staphylococcus aureus (a Gram-positive strain).

These tests clearly confirm our technology is an intrinsic part of the material and is not migrating under the harsh conditions of a dishwasher. Withstanding 1,000 dishwasher cycles without losing effectiveness is a tremendous milestone, setting new standards. And since 2015 our technology even got beter.says Michaël van der Jagt, CEO of Parx Plastics. 

A cutting board without technology compared to a cutting board with Parx’ technology, used in the same household.

A cutting board without technology compared and a cutting board with Parx’ technology, left in a closed, moist dishwasher for 4 days.

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