"Sustainable company to watch" according to Cambridge Innovation Center


Cambridge Innovation Center (CIC) is an American concept which bills itself as a "community of entrepreneurs". The company was founded in 1999 by Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) graduates Timothy Rowe and Andrew Olmsted. CIC campuses are essentially a mix of startups, “corporate innovation spin-outs,” and VC funds, with tenants given access to desks, meeting rooms, labs, and more. CIC operates 5 locations in the US and 1 location outside of the US, in Rotterdam The Netherlands.

With an overwehelming amount of start-ups and scale-ups CIC has a good overview on what are exciting developments in the world right now. And in an overview overseeing all the companies based at CIC, 4 companies have been identified as “Sustainable company to watch”. Parx is proud to be listed as one of those 4 companies, next to the other 3 exciting US ventures.

Read more on the CIC blog page here.

Parx Plastics