What are the benefits of a more hygienic surface?

Plastic-free fruits and vegetables in supermarkets are a topical matter today and we feel that is a good thing. Do we really need 4 apples on a cardboard bowl with a plastic wrap and additional plastic labeling? These products present beautifully in supermarkets as a ‘naked’ product. This is what Alco Designs in USA has been doing for many years with many of the leading US retailers. Since 2014 they have been working with technologies provided by Parx Plastics to keep these shelves and display hygienic and clean.

And what a great way to present fresh produce!

To illustrate what a more hygienic surface can do they have made this interesting experiment. They have produced two identical vases, one without and one with technology provided by Parx. They used a time-lapse camera to show the growth and life span of the flower over a period of time. See the result for yourself…

Please visit www.alcodesigns.com to view their products.

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