New PS micro foam with Parx Plastics technology

New PS Micro foam with Parx technology inside

Micro Foam

Micro Foam

A rather new technology referred to as PS Micro foam technology delivers a very suitable end product that can be used for floor tiles or panels. The material is completely hard, can be made with wood structure finishes and can be processed with nails, saws, drills etc. and therefor also very suitable to make furniture or cabinets from.

The material does not contain formaldehyde/methanal, it is fully made out of polystyrene material and due to the micro foam process it has a density of only 0.7 gram per cubic centimeter.

Now with the Parx Plastics technology integrated in the material has an improved intrinsic resistance against bacteria and mildew. The woodgrain parts produced with the aid of the Parx Plastics technology, tested by SGS laboratories, prove a very successful broad spectrum efficacy against bacteria with a performance of Log 5.2 (99,999%) against Staphylococcus aureus and Log 2 (99%) against E.coli.


ISO22196 tests performed by SGS prove a Log 5.2 (99,999%) and Log 2 (99%) antimicrobial performance against Staphylococcus aureus and E.Coli.



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