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Ramfil s.r.l. introduces Ramprotex advanced fabrics - yarns and fabrics with highly improved characteristics to resist bacteria, molds and fungus growth and proliferation on the surface. 

By teaming up with Parx Plastics and incorporating the revolutionary eco- and bio-friendly technology to resist bacteria Ramfil is able to guarantee optimal hygiene, long lasting colours and a significant higher durability for its fabrics and yarns. A welcome innovation for Antifungal Fabric often used outdoors for outdoor furniture, sun beds and deckchairs. The high humidity in the environments these types of fabrics are used in, are an important stimulater for mold and fungus growth which will quickly stain and discolor materials and the proliferation of these microbes easily start to compromise the strength and durability of these fabrics. The eco-compatible technology of Parx Plastics have proven its antimicrobial efficacy by means of ISO 22916 tests and the latests results of ISO 846 tests show the utmost resistance to molds and funguses. 

Utmost protection found through ISO 846 tests

ISO 846:1999 is for the "Evaluation of the action of microorganisms on plastics" and these latest test performed by 3A Laboratori in Padova Italy, prove that Ramprotex advanced fabrics with integrated technology of Parx Plastics have the highest possible fungistatic performance with no visible growth of funguses and molds. 

Fungus and Molds

In the ISO846 test a comparison was made between fabrics and yarns produced with commonly used biocides versus fabrics and yarns produced with the Parx Plastics technology integrated. "The fact that the eco- and bio-friendly solution of Parx that works because of an intrinsic property in the material and not through migration, beats a standard biocide solution is truly groundbreaking." says Michael van der Jagt of Parx Plastics. "It proves that we can do the trick without using toxins, harmful substances and even without migration." The Parx technology works because of a natural trace element in the material surface. Just the presence of this element is enough to create the resistance against bacteria, molds and funguses and there is no need for any substance to migrate/leach away from the material. That also means the material is protected at the same level through out the entire lifespan of the product. The performance does not fade away. 

99% better hygiene


The fist customers were introduced to Ramprotex advanced fabrics during the SUN 2016 trade show in Rimini, Italy and it became clear that the enhanced durability and color stability are much welcomed aspects of the technology. But also the hygienic aspect is triggering new customers to change to Ramprotex fabrics. Having a cleaner material to relax on by the pool or at the beach. It is giving peace of mind to both the users/guests as the owners of the restaurant, hotel or beach club. 

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