Antimicrobial BASF Terluran® GP-35 ABS copolymer

Parx Plastics successfully adds antimicrobial property to BASF Terluran® GP-35 ABS copolymer

Antimicrobial BASF Terluran® GP-35 ABS

Parx Plastics announces on target results with BASF Terluran® GP-35 ABS copolymer. Terluran® is a standard ABS grade with a low viscosity with a very wide range of applications. ISO 22196 testing by a TÜV-certified laboratory show an antimicrobial effect of 98-99% for Escherichia Coli (Gram-) and Staphilococcus Aurus (Gram+) bacteria. Terluran® GP-35 is a so called “world grade” material as it is available throughout the world and now with the aid of the patented technology of Parx Plastics it can incorporate an effective antimicrobial property. 

The innovative technology of Parx Plastics allows the creation of Sanipolymers™ by incorporating a bodily own trace element providing a highly effective antibacterial property. The technology can be applied to any (co-)polymer and offers a safe and non-toxic alternative to the presently available solutions such as (nano-)silver, chemicals (e.g. Triclosan) or solutions by means of nano-particles. The effectiveness can reach as high as 98-99% after 24 hours following the ISO 22196 or JIS Z 2801 testing guidelines and works effectively against Staphylococcus Aureus, Escherichia Coli, MRSA, Clostridium Difficile and many others. The Parx Plastics technology is very appealing to many markets and applications, as it shows no migration. 

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Parx Plastics with its headquarters in Rotterdam, The Netherlands and subsidiaries in Bologna, Italy and Ningbo, China brings to the market an innovative biocompatible technique to incorporate an up to 99% effective antibacterial/antimicrobial property into polymers/plastics. The non-toxic, non-cytotoxic and non-ecotoxic solution is the result of over 4 years of biomimetic research and offers an antibacterial/antimicrobial solution that is fully safe, knows no migration, does not contain nano(silver)-particles and is suitable for food- and medical grade materials. For more information visit:


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