One of Europe’s Top-3 Tech Startups

The European Commission has announces Parx Plastics as one of Europe’s top-3 Startups.

Parx Plastics, a Dutch-Italian bio innovator in antibacterial plastic technology, is announced by the European Commission as one of the top 3 tech startups in Europe in the prestigious Tech All Stars competition 2014.

The European Commission’s vice-president Neelie Kroes introduced the Tech All Stars competition by urging the backing of Europe’s young startups “Europe has the talent. It needs founders like you to believe it. It’s you who can come up with the good ideas and shake it all up. Start forging tomorrow’s economy. Create the jobs. Change the world. Because that’s what startups and entrepreneurs do.”

Parx Plastics works with innovative biocompatible technology to make antibacterial plastics. The company HQ is in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, with its research facilities in Bologna, Italy. By applying biomimetics and Nano-technology, a method was developed to make an intrinsic change to plastic resulting in a mechanical/physical property that acts against bacteria and microorganisms. The Parx patented technology does not use chemicals, biocides, heavy metals or nano-particles. It makes use of one of the bodies most abundant trace elements: Zinc.

“The technology is fully biocompatible, it is not toxic and it does not leach out of the materials and yet it kills 99% of the bacteria and micro organisms that are on the surface of a product within 24 hours” according to Parx Plastics’ CTO Michele Fiori. “The technology is really what the market is desperately looking for since todays available solutions are being more and more restricted and proof to have harmful effects on humans and the environment.” Fiori refers to recent scientific publications linking substance used today to causing infertility and cancer. The 100% safe and biocompatible technology developed by Parx Plastics to incorporate an antibacterial property into any kind of plastic is named to be a game-changer and leading EU’s startup scene.

Tech All Stars winners with European Comm. V.P. Neelie Kroes                      Parx Plastics CEO Michael van der Jagt presenting during Founders Forum   © Christan Ihrybauer

Tech All Stars winners with European Comm. V.P. Neelie Kroes                      Parx Plastics CEO Michael van der Jagt presenting during Founders Forum   © Christan Ihrybauer

Initially chosen from over 400 applications, the top 12 Tech All Stars participated in the 2 day London Roadshow ending on Wednesday pitching to “the most qualified panel of judges”: Accel Partners, Index Ventures, Balderton Capital, DFJ Esprit, Forward Partners, White Star Capital, Frontline Ventures, Silicon Valley Bank and EC1 Capital, Addidi and the CEO of MedTech Focus.

The three Tech All Stars finalists were awarded €20.000 in Google Cloud Platform services, access to Founders Forum, to network with more potential investors and successful entrepreneurs. Chad Hurley MixBit (YouTube), Ben Horowitz, Eric Schmidt (Google), Nick Rhodes, and Edward Michael “Bear” Grylls virtually, via tablet-based telepresence robot were among the attendees.

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