Medical applications and implants

Probably the topmost risk related to medical implants is: risk of infection. Plus, biofilm formation on implant surfaces shelters the bacteria and encourages persistence of infection. Preventing biofilm and the proliferation of bacteria on the surface of the implants with the biocompatible technology of Parx mimics the defense mechanism of the human immune system. Increasing the safety of plastic materials in hospital environments dramatically reduces the nosocomial problems of contaminations and infections common in these environments.



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The Belgium company Zinkh is incorporating the Parx technologies into dental trays. Knowing how important trace elements are to prevent plaque-buildup, the technology works very well in combination with dental trays. By integrating the Parx technology into this application, plaque build-up on the teeth is significantly reduced. Trial patients have been wearing trays in their sleep and they feel their teeth are smooth and clean when they wake up. They feel hardly any plaque build-up and tests to identify plaque confirm this observation. Read more…


Billions of plastic tampon applicators get thrown away each year and cannot be recycled, so the UK company Dame came up with a reusable model. Fitting this award winning product with Saniconcentrate is helping the product to stay clean and hygienic. Dame received Dezeen Product Design Award for their product. 

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