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Corporate Portrait

Parx Plastics holds an innovative and patented technology to make plastics antimicrobial in an eco- and biocompatible way.  

We are using a mineral perceived by the public today as being of "exceptional biologic and public health importance”. By our patented process we are integrating it in plastics improving the materials characteristics to protect the surface from bacteria, moulds and fungi. We are using the trace mineral of Zinc which is one of the most abundant trace elements in the human body, helping to maintain and buildup a healthy immune system and hairs, skin, nail, tissue and cells. It is what we need in our daily diet to stay healthy. So the technology does not rely on the use of heavy metals, nano materials, biocides or other harmful chemicals or substances. By using this biocompatible element we are making an intrinsic change in polymers that make the material and the surface resistant to bacteria. Zinc is integrated in the material as an inert part of the material which we have found to result in an antimicrobial effect of 99% and higher when tested according to ISO22196. This performance can be achieved without migration, without any substance or ion leaching away. The technology does not impact any of the original characteristics of the material and the antibacterial property lasts a lifetime. 

Since the introduction of the capabilities of the technology it has become clear that the technology can be used for roughly any type of application, for example for toilet seats, mobile phones, light switches, hospital beds, medical devices, remote controls, door handles, refrigerators, packaging materials and much more. But two particular market segments in specific stand out: applying the technology to specific food contact materials implies that you may prolong the shelf life of food and by applying the technology to specific medical devices such as implant may result in a reduced risk of infections. 

Trading data:

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Total number of shares

Issued Capital
€ 68,239.15

Corporate information:

Management board
Mr Michaël van der Jagt
Mr Michele Fiori

Supervisory board

Date of incorporation
04 September 2012

End of financial year
31 December

One or Europe’s Top Tech Startups
— Neelie Kroes, VP European Commission, Londen



Friday July 12th, 2019 - We have discussed the recent fluctuations in our share price with the AMF (Authorité des Marchés Financiers). Since it is unclear to us what is driving these fluctuations, we have decided - in consultation with the AMF - to suspend trading in our shares until further notice. We will assess on a regular basis whether or not to continue such suspension and will provide updates to the market as appropriate.

An innovation with the likely long-term significance
— World Technology Network, New York


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